Renter's Agreement

Clark-Edgar Rural Water District

475 IL Hwy 1, Marshall, IL 62441



being the renter(s) of real estate commonly known as _____________________________________________________________,

which said property is part of the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District, meter user number__________________, and said renter(s) having rented said property and paid the renter’s deposit, does acknowledge that the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District regulations provide that he/she, as the renter(s), are responsible for the water bill and all associated costs (such as disconnect/reconnect fees), and that he/she is obligated to pay that bill in full. In the event that the account becomes past due, the Landowner reserves the right to have the meter shut-off until the account is brought current. The Clark-Edgar Rural Water District will also adhere to their non-payment regulations. The Landowner and/or Clark-Edgar Rural Water District, at their discretion, may transfer the account back into the Landowner’s name at any time. Upon the event that the renter(s) should vacate said property, he/she will notify Clark-Edgar Rural Water District with a forwarding address so that proper billing and deposit refund may be made.

I/We do hereby acknowledge our responsibility to pay the water bill and all associated costs, and to contact Clark-Edgar Rural Water District upon vacating said property.

Dated this ____ day of _________________, 20___.





Landowner’s Name: ____________________________________________

Landowner’s Address: ___________________________________________

Phone Number: (   )_____-__________