Residential User's Contract: $2,500.00

-This contract is for customers who are wanting to tap on to an existing main. Customers must be property owners to sign the contract

Construction User's Contract: $850.00

-This contract is for customer that are not on an existing water main. This contract is for pre-construction phases that have not yet been served.

During Construction User's Contract: $950.00

-This contract is for customers who did not previously sign an $850 Construction User's Contract prior to construction in their area.

Main Extension Assistance Program User's Contract: $850.00

-This is for customers that have not been served but would like to have an extension ran from an existing water main. There are other fees associated with the construction and they are based on where the property is located from the water main, EPA permit costs and other fees. Currently, the District will provide up to a maximum of $5,000.00 towards a main extension. Note: The office cannot give you an amount on the cost of a main extension, the engineering firm can provide an estimate on the cost for the extension. If you are interested in a main extension, contact the office for more information.